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Nidia Aleja Tellez
Haril Nagar this article is from before and they still haven’t mentioned if alcohol was a factor this time around.

Nidia Aleja Tellez No, I am saying I would not agree she is not a bad person...maybe from one incident (like this crash), no...but given her past record and a string of bad choices, I would say it makes her a bad person.

Nidia Aleja Tellez No, that's not what I am saying..I am not speaking on what impacted this crash. What I am saying is I would not agree with the sentiment that she is not a bad person...maybe from one incident alone (like this crash), no she may not b… See More

Haril Nagar i totally disagree with you and your thought process I am more than sure you have a past as well never be quick to judge you are not GOD

Haril Nagar none of us are angels remember before we throw rocks at homes just make sure our windows are unbreakable

Donna Delores Mckay I'm all right with you not agreeing with me or my thought process....I am happy knowing my past does not include reckless drving resulting in my infant child left behind being parentless, killing two including myself, endagerment of… See More

Donna Delores Mckay same old lame consolations phrases...
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